22 February 2017

Check it out, 2nd blog post of the day. Tied for my all time blog post record.

Anyway, starting with a brief food diary for the day…

(yeah, I realized I am not a food photographer)

Breakfast – 8:30am


This is avocado toast and Oolong tea, fancy. (Avocado + lime juice + salt) – 110 cal

How is this so low calorie you might ask? Well it’s miracle bread that’s only 35 calories per slice. (Healthy Life 100% Whole Wheat, Whole Grain Bread). Another note on the bread: the important part is truly the “whole” wheat, “whole” grain part. Yay complex carbs.

And Oolong tea?? Yes, apparently Oolong tea can aid in weight loss.1  (Basically it boosts your metabolism, if you wanna read more check out the citation at the end.) Pictured is Premium Oolong Tea straight from China(town in San Fransisco).

Lunch – 11am


Ah yes, two donuts. One Reese’s and one strawberries and cream. Well, at least I split the Reese’s one? Hey this is why the account is called a real human ATTEMPTING to live better ok?

Anyways dinner was pizza and I had some wheat thins thrown in there at some point too. So yes, today was not great BUT that doesn’t mean tomorrow can’t be better. Also, I successfully left the house and went to cheerleading practice, so at least the day wasn’t completely sedentary as well.

That’s all for this time, see y’all later!


[1] He R, Chen L, Lin B, Matsui Y, Yao X, Kurihara H. Beneficial effects of oolong tea consumption on diet-induced overweight and obese subjects. J Chin Integr Med. 2009;15:34–41. doi: 10.1007/s11655-009-0034-8.  [PubMed]


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